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Marriage From Heaven

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Saying "We Do" at all times...

Every  girl dreams of  her prince charm. I am in no way different from them. I am someone who strongly believes that, "God is the best matchmaker who destines our life partner from Heaven". Surely that happened in my life. I got married on August 12, 2016. The best adventure of life started then, the unique thing about our marriage is we never spoke a single word with each other before our wedding. I never ever dreamt that I would marry someone in that manner. Nothing but commitment was the foundation for our very strict arranged marriage. One good thing about arranged marriage is every first step will be thrilling.

We both still cherish our first word with each other. Mr. Jasper, my hubby being a spontaneous person said his first words to me on the stage, when I was in full bridal mode in a Lehenga, "Hi beauty, looking great". Me, being a very shy, yet a great planner, shut my mouth with no reply for his beautiful comment on stage with a blush. My plan was  to tell those three precious words to him from my heart as the first words to my Prince charm. My silence left him puzzled. The engagement ceremony was over and we went to church for the wedding ceremony. I gave my covenant words to my husband before the presence of God Almighty and amidst many witnesses. Soon after, once we entered the car, I revealed my precious statement to my husband. Yes the words, "Love You Jasper" were my first words to him, face to face. He was surprised and thrilled at my words. He didn't reply but smiled, as his brother was in the    seat before us, driving the car. We celebrated our first month anniversary, then our first year, second year, third year,  fourth year and today is our fifth year wedding anniversary. My heart fills with gratitude to God for every good thing He allowed in my marriage.


I was totally new to Chennai then and I often used to ask my dear husband a question of which I was so curious  about. At that time we were staying at Vandalur while his office was in Porur. I asked him, "Is Chennai the name of the particular place or the collective name for a group of small towns?". The basic concept of the Chennai city itself was so new to me. Now, we have made more cherish-able memories in almost every area of "Namma Chennai".  From the famous shawarma stalls at roadsides to the five star hotels we left our footprints everywhere. Be it the stunning malls or beaches, we never wanted to miss any.


Our favourite visit in the whole city was our visit to the St. Thomas Mount church at the top of the hills from where we were able to see the beautiful view of the city. We could see Kathipara bridge, the Chennai Metro station at Alandur which we always admired. It is especially a visual treat to watch the whole city on Diwali night from there. There was also another beautiful view from that mount, it was the view of the amazing Chennai Airport, we were  able to see the landing and take off of the aeroplanes. I have a particular liking to see and feel the take off experience.

We have learnt so many crucial lessons in the past years, the best I would say is to cling on to each other and love each other not only when we are at our best selves or at the best moments but also in our worst.

Together we said "We do" In every challenge, through every disgraceful moments , through every hurtful situations. 


As David Guterson in his book "Snow Falling on Cedars" says,


"...Love is the strongest thing in the world, you know. Nothing can touch it. Nothing comes close. If we love each other we're safe from it all. Love is the biggest thing there is.


God in his grace helped us to grow more in love for Him and for each other during the many ups and downs.


Looking back at those memories brings me so much joy and a grateful heart for God's Will in my marriage.We entered the marriage to explore the unknown mystery of Marriage life then. God being in the center of it all, never left us a single moment, which made us to stand the test of time. God was with us in pressures and problems and brought us out of fire and floods till today. As much as God's hand was at play in our marriage, our follies did a big role in bringing more conflicts. God developed the understanding, patience and wisdom in us, which came from Him in the past years and blessed the covenant. We now stand as an example of how God can use people who commit

themselves completely unto His will. Yes, ours is the story of total commitment to God in every areas of our married life. 


The Beautiful Wedding

What God put together... 

On the morning of Friday the 12th of August, 2016. We exchanged wedding vows and started our journey of life together. 

In a beautiful church setting, with our loved ones close to us, we tied the knot. 

Our marriage was registered according to The Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872. 

We would not change a thing about our wedding, and are immensely grateful to God for showering us with the choicest blessings of heaven upon us from that day forward. 


Taking every single step according to His will - Jasper and Anitha.

The vows: 

I Anitha Jebarani, take thee Jasper Edwin Asir, to be my husband, from this day forward- for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.

Apart from the occasional visit to the dentist, we have been sheltered by the Almighty from any major ailments of periods of illnesses. We got a bit obese though and were at the receiving end of some unsavoury remarks from kith and kin during get togethers. 

My husband and I earnestly fought back obesity. We started to watch our diet and workout regularly to keep our kgs in check. 


Seek ye first, the 
Kingdom of God...


Talking to 


Bible Reading
Hearing His Word


Singing and Worship


Serving God 


Three is a TEAM

A family that prays together, 

stays together. 




Praying with friends helps you to grow in the Lord, fellowship with their families will create positive impact in Marriage.


Marriage is not a license to any lifestyle. Practice Godliness in speech, dress and in thought life.


Knowing how to manage finance and live with what you have got is one of the keys to happiness in marriage. 


All of us are living our own stories which are unique. Comparison of it with others is meaningless and unhealthy for marriage.

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