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Pearls from the Bible 

God Cares For You

We are living in a world filled with tears. We can see wars in everyday news. Think about the prayers that go to God. We may think not to bother God with our small needs, which appear big to our eyes as God is handling big issues in the world. Let me tell you something: God not only cares about the big troubles that the world is going through, but He also cares about every individual. He cares about you, your little worries, your pain, your joy, your aspirations, and your dreams. Let me show you how God acts in the lives of Naomi and Ruth from the book of Ruth. Naomi felt like God had forsaken her when she lost everything that was meaningful in her life. God took her out of the land where she lost everything and planned a great future. He guided Ruth to Boaz and gave her the favor she needed. He provided for her needs. God gave Naomi a grandson and the family she dreamed of having again. Hey, friend, if you are going through losses and thinking that the Lord has forgotten you, renew your faith. We serve the God who faithfully remembers Ruth and Naomi, and He remembers you and me. Be ready to receive what you have lost in the past. He restores and cares about your story.

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